Parent Report Card


Parent Report Card Puts The Shoe On The Other Foot With Free Quiz is the newest resource for parents concerned about their approach to parenting. The site offers a free quiz to parents as well as a

“report card” to grade their interactions and technique.

WESTMONT, IL (November 20, 2013) - It isn’t a stretch to say that most parents have thought silently to themselves, “I wonder how I’m doing with my children?”. Unfortunately, the answer to that daunting question doesn’t ultimately come until the children become young adults. Surely there are hints like poor grades, acting out in school, and mood swings that give parents a heads up however these issues could be related to other pressures not brought on by hardship within the child parent relationship. That said, without funds or time to see a child psychologist to get a professional opinion about how a parent’s child rearing technique is fairing one can feel they’re at a loss without a good resource. Thankfully an engaging and approachable website has waylaid that concern with a remedy. Now, offers a confidential quiz online that gives concerned parents a second opinion about their approach to the most important job in the world.

David Valderrama, Co-Founder of said of the useful site, “Parents often think it’s the school or the lack of community that causes issues. Our site suggests with a few essential questions, to help frame the most important aspects of parenting, that parents need to throughly understand their involvement is the most effective springboard to a happy child.”

The essential questions Valderrama speaks of begin with one of utmost importance, “Do I treat my child with respect?” This question is followed by a multiple choice answering system based on “Always”, “Most days”, Sometimes” and “Never” options. As one progresses through the quiz it’s apparent via questions like “Is my home a calm and nurturing environment?” and “Do I set aside time to spend with my child?” that the site encourages the mainstays of child rearing. By employing these mainstays like attention, rewards, and personal responsibility the good report card every parent wants will arrive.

Parent Report Card was co-founded by husband and wife team David and Stephanie Valderrama to bolster the ties between family, school and community.

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